Back in 2014, Skye Jethani was tired of reading sentimental devotionals that were full of Christian clichés and disconnected from the issues of contemporary society. So, he decided to write his own. With God Daily is a digital devotional for those seeking a smart, integrated faith. Drawing from Skye’s decades of studying and teaching Scripture, as well as his interests in history, art, film, science, philosophy, and current events, his daily reflections are combined with historic prayers of the Church to deepen your communion with God and transform how you see the world.

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Skye's devotional is simply the best. I hate most devotionals because they tend to be written for eighth-graders. There's nothing wrong with that, but I don't have eighth-grade problems. It's fresh, it's current, and it's insightful. It's new and yet steeped in history. It's faithful to orthodoxy, and yet it's generous toward orthopraxy.
- Loc
Let me say that Skye Jethani is brilliant. His devotional series has been nothing short of transformative for me, a long-time Christian who is currently disillusioned with the church as an institution...I’m recommending you run—don’t walk—to subscribe to this devotional!
- Joceyh3
I have spent most of my life in the American Christian world and I have tried many devotionals. So many devotionals just scratch the surface of who God is and who we are meant to be. With God Daily is really unique because Skye lays out some deep theological principles in a short, easy to ready daily format...I am constantly learning something new and I am daily inspired by the Word of God. I couldn’t recommend With God Daily more!
- hojomax
My experience has been that devotionals are often sappy and provide little true challenge for growth in the life of a Christian. But With God Daily is meaty. Skye has a way of looking at Scripture and Christian concepts that are actually challenging. I love the prayers from faithful believers that have gone before us.
- vowedmom

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