The Voting Booth: A new vision for Christian engagement in a post-Christian culture

How should a Christian relate to the culture? For generations, Christians have been told to either escape the culture to avoid its ungodliness, or to aggressively engage the culture by seeking power and control over it. But are those a Christian’s only options? The Voting Booth presents a third path for a new generation of Christians seeking to love both God and their neighbor.

Written as a fictional dialogue between Christian, a confused voter, and three spirits of cultural engagement—Exodus, Exile, and Incarnation—The Voting Booth addresses many of the questions being asked by those struggling to follow Christ in our post-Christian age like:
-How do I respond to those who view Christian faith as oppressive?
-Why has Christianity become so political?
-What role does fear have in Christian cultural engagement?
-How should I interact with neighbors of other faiths?
-Have Christians lost the “Culture War”?
-How should I think about voting as a Christian?
-What is the role of the Church in the culture?
With engaging writing and surprising twists, The Voting Booth will challenge your assumptions and leave you with a new way of imagining your place in the culture.

What others are saying about “The Voting Booth”

“As an immigrant-turned-citizen facing only my second chance to vote in a presidential election, I am troubled by the options presented. Opinions from Christians abound, complete with blogs and Bible verses, but no clear path emerges. Skye’s allegory tale succinctly— if also slightly simplistically— represents the two dominant paradigms of Christian response: the call to escape, and the call to engage. He then offers a third perspective rooted in the incarnation. While the tale stops short of instruction, it is abounding in wisdom. This is an accessible read that provides a thoughtful way to name and evaluate the subconscious grids that undergird our approach to political engagement or disengagement. Best of all, it offers us a way to reflect on our perspective, posture, and purpose in a Christ-shaped way.”
-Glenn Packiam, Pastor at New Life Downtown

“Skye Jethani is one of the most clear-headed, sober voices writing on faith and culture today. The Voting Booth raises questions many Christians wrestle with and provides answers that challenge and delight. In a time of political unrest and cultural upheaval, we can’t afford to ignore what this book has to say.”
– Jonathan Merritt, author of Jesus is Better Than You Imagined; contributing writer for The Atlantic

“In a creative and compelling way, Skye Jethani has written yet another book that pushes the American church in the right direction. His uncanny ability to put his finger up to the wind and chart the right direction forward is a huge help to our community as we navigate the increasingly treacherous waters of the secular west.”
– John Mark Comer, pastor for teaching and vision at Bridgetown Church and author of Loveology.

“In The Voting Booth, Skye Jethani beautifully crafts a dialogue between ‘Christian’ and three personified postures we can take toward our culture. Eye-opening and thought provoking, Skye clearly illuminates the dominant but destructive attitudes that have dominated the American church for the last 100 years, and then shines a light on a better way. Highly recommended!”
– Phil Vischer, creator of VeggieTales, What’s In The Bible, and The Phil Vischer Podcast.