How Churches Became Cruise Ships: A Survival Guide for the Seasick Christian

When did pastors start acting like CEOs rather than shepherds? Why do people demand churches be entertaining and never boring? Why are there fewer churches today, and why are they more fragile than ever before?

These are some of the questions author Skye Jethani tackles in his latest eBook, How Churches Became Cruise Ships.

Like the popularity of cruise vacations, it is obvious that the shape of the modern church is very attractive to millions of people. If you are content with what the church has become, the benefit of this book for you may be limited to its explanation of recent church history and trends. If, however, you are like the millions of others wrestling with what the church has become, this book will help you identify the cause of your queasiness and provides you with ways to overcome it.

Note from the author: I recommend reading this book in community; Processing your thoughts about the church with others may uncover similar stories, or challenge your assumptions in ways reading alone never could. Ultimately, my hope is that together you will be able to discern where God is calling you—and the entire church—in the days ahead.